McDonald Arabians Breeding Seminar


April 4th, 2015 –

Fellow Breeders as well as new Enthusiasts to the Arabian Horses gathered around on the beautiful afternoon of April 4th to hear Ross & Marjeanne McDonald share their stories of 50+ years of breeding Arabian Champions.  The McDonald Family and McDonald Arabians have been honored with the title of 2014 #1 Breeder of the Year of Futurity Winners!  Gary Shared his philosophies of how to combine passion with research.  How to avoid following a fade, and participate with God in creating “Living Art”.

Audreyna seminar_DSC7596

The Arabian Horse evolved over centuries under the guiding hand of the Beduion Tribes for strength, beauty, and survival. Now as the modern Arabian Horse breeders we can strive for those same qualities with perfection.


Hands on interaction with the Stallions, Mares, and Foals at McDonald Arabians, made it a day to never be forgotten.


Special Thank you to Susan Jensen, Grandma Sue,  & Jennifer McDonald for the bountiful display of food fit for a festival.

And special Thank you to Victor Ricigliano of Marketing Mafia, for photographing the afternoon.


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