Kenny's International Internship

Kenny International Championship

For the Summer of 2014, Kenny (at age 16) was invited with the opportunity to train with Miles Buckley of the Miles Buckley Training Center (United Kingdom).  He enjoyed 8 wonderful weeks; attended 6 different shows throughout England and Northern Europe, and finished with his competition at the 2014 British National Championships.   The best way to share in his experience, is to share texts home.

June 10th –  Just Landed. When we got back to the house, we schooled a few horses and then ended up going golfing.  Miles says that a normal work day will be from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm, so there is lots of work to be done. haha….. and Yes, I am taller than everyone here.

June 14th – Just got to the hotel in the Netherlands, and WOW it is so nice (Netherlands Arabian Show).  I found you (Dad) and MC Angelica in one of the magazines here. : ) Haha, you look so young.

June 21st – No, I am not really home sick.  Because it feels like home with all of the horses and all the travel for the horse shows.

July 4th –  Me and Miles are gonna take Adoniis back into the show ring!!! Can we please me and miles will show him?  (I will take him in the Amateur, and Miles will do the Open).  How old is he now? Would he be in the aged stallions? Glenn Schoukens loved Pia (an Adoniis daughter) when Miles showed her, and is a good friend with Miles.  We can win some new championships with him!!  What do you think about that?

July 7th – Love and Miss you.  I’ll start taking more pictures of everything at shows.  Most of the days are spent at the barn, but I knew that would happen before I got here. Only a couple more weeks until the Nationals. I have a couple good ones to show there, hhopefullyI can have some good results.

July 13th – I had two bronze championships today.  One horse that I showed  was for Chris Lowe, and the other horse was one that was in training with Miles.

July 17th – Here is the picture with my first Bronze Champion in Europe.  Looking at the picture, I look so tall!!! lol.  Kinda like my Daddy : )

July 17th – Today is two weeks before I come back home and I would change that two more weeks to two more months.  I love it.  I could never do an office job…. I’d choose being a horse trainer and getting to work with lots of cool unique horses and getting to travel all over the world 100x over.  I could be a horse trainer forever!

July 22nd – Heading off to the British Nationals today, and won’t have a signal to be able to text… It is my last show here and I have a couple horses to show… Hopefully, we will get some good results.  wish me luck!!! Aha.

July 27th – Hey – back from Nationals now!!! Jeff, my yearling colt was originally lined up first, but then dropped to 4th (out of 20+).  Then I was Top Five with a mare, and then someone asked me to show their mare in the Championship. I had a fabulous time!!!  So proud of my yearling colt!!  See you soon.

Kenny at the British Nationals

Kenny in Europe (2)