2017 New Years Eve – Farm Tour Public Presentation

I’ve learned that Arabian horses have a subtle, mysterious power to draw you in!  This year’s event was a first for many families, and to be able to see, touch, and interact with the Arabian horses is special.  Announcer, Rory O’Neill,  invited many participants to come on stage, learn, touch and handle an Arabian Horse for the first time. The McDonald Arabians crew understand and know how to put on a show!  Jennifer and Gary are both humble, passionate professionals. Gary does an amazing job of wearing many hats. He’s a showman, a successful business person, and obviously a great horse breeder and trainer.  Many people have found their first horse at these parties.  Dave & Arlene Curtis, John and Carol Worcester, and many others are now part of the Arabian Horse Community and loving every minute of it!

  • If you’ve never been, call McDonald Arabians and schedule your visit today!