2014 Foals are arriving!

February 5, 2014 –

Jennifer McDonald – I love this time of year!  The sun is shining bright; yet the cool breeze reminds us that springtime is only just opening her eyes.  After a beautiful breakfast, and a morning walk with the dogs. There is nothing sweeter than watching the babies frolic in the front turn-outs.  We live on a quiet street, yet we have plenty of neighbors.  It is not uncommon to see a few cars pulled onto the shoulder of our road; a mother with her children bouncing out of their stollers; or the elderly couple out for a stroll… stopped at our landscaping wall where even the tiniest of foals can gaze right into the eyes of the public.  They come prepared. Hands full of sugar cubes, apple slices, etc.  The couple I met this week, Richard & Felicia, made sure to bring ‘organic’ apples, as they didn’t want to pollute the sweet innocence of the filly.

We have two foals already on the ground.  The first is a strong, robust, colt sired by SF Sir Real; and out of the precious, MC Adoniia.  He is so bold, with his high tail perfectly matched by his high arching neck.  ‘Regal’ is the best term to define him.  The second is one week old Filly, sired by Jagger SWF; and out of the queen… sorry, she’s an Empress!  Empress Of Marwan.  The filly was purchased at only a few days old by our friend, Elizabeth.  We are so excited for Elizabeth and all her new adventures with this beautiful filly.  Gary is already claiming this one as his next Weanling Champion at the Arabian Breeder Finals Championships.

The beautiful *HS Primavere is about to birth her first naturally-carried foal.  She has 6 registered foals, but all of them have been by embryo transfer.  I am so excited that she gets the opportunity to greet her first child herself.  She has so much love to give.  She was due on February 3rd, so we are still anxiously waiting any day now.