2013 New Years Party – a fresh view

Klee Young –  “Welcome to your new addiction” is more than a tagline for McDonald Arabians. After attending their 5th annual Christmas and New Years Celebration, it’s an actual warning. I’ve learned that Arabian horses have a subtle, mysterious power to draw you in!  This year’s event was our family’s first, and we all enjoyed it. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and the McDonald Arabian crew know how to put on a show. The horses are all unique. Some have more grace. Some have more power. It’s even apparent to the layperson: you can tell that there’s something special in all of their genetics.  Jennifer and Gary are both humble, passionate professionals. Gary does an amazing job of wearing many hats. He’s a showman, a successful business person, and obviously a great horse breeder and trainer. If you’ve never been, show up next year for a fun and up-close look at Arabian horses, that really could become an addiction. You’ve been warned!